I read the lofty-sounding ‘About’ page. What’s this place really about?

It’s about wonder, it’s about awe-inspiring…

Okay, okay, I’ll tone it down. On this site I regularly publish articles about topics that fascinate me and, hopefully, a good proportion of the rest of humanity.

Articles? Can you be a bit more specific?

When I write about a subject I’ll do my best to turn it into a fun story, because I think that’s one of best ways humans learn.

They won’t be short-form clickbate you so often see on the Internet now (“6 ways to make an otter fall in love with you” or “This guy covered himself in petroleum then lit a cigarette… you won’t believe what happened next!”). My articles will be longer-form in order to get deep into a topic.

What topics will you focus on?

Theoretically nothing is off limits. More important, I think, is what I hope you’ll get out of these articles. Things like:

  • Being introduced to a new subject you never imagined could interest you.
  • Getting answers to lingering questions about certain phenomena.
  • Stimulating that sense of wonder and helping you imagine the future.
  • Giving you new perspectives on well-known or historical topics, as well as discovering important but obscure sides of a story.
  • Perhaps even challenging your existing knowledge.

Are you an expert on any of this stuff?

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything.

I was a researcher and university lecturer for several years, which means I’m trained in how to find things out. That also means I know the importance of citing my sources. You don’t have to take my word for anything I write here. You can check up on everything I say.

Why is there fruit smiling at me?

That’s the department faculty. They’re just being friendly.

What are these ‘Nuggets’?

We all sometimes like to consume our knowledge in little bite-sized pieces. This is where nuggets come in. Nuggets are essentially short-form articles that take only a minute to read and focus on one very specific, but interesting, thing.

OK, sounds good. How often will you update the site?

Often. Regularly. Sometimes. X number of times per month, where X is greater than 0.

You know what, subscribe to the newsletter or follow me on social media, and you’ll know the moment something new appears.