What's an infinite loop, and is there a way out of one?

If your computer program freezes in the middle of usage, there’s a good chance it’s caught in an infinite loop. That means that your computer is repeating the same series of steps over and over again and it doesn’t know how to stop.

Loopy program

On older computers there was usually no way to fix this without forcing the program, or even the whole computer, to shut down. That’s assuming you know for certain the program is stuck in a loop - after all, the user can’t always tell the difference between a program that’s merely busy and one that’s hopelessly stuck.

However, modern systems have in-built ways to deal with these problems…

Want to learn more about why your computer sometimes freezes, and how you or your computer can prevent such problems? Read the article What happens when you computer freezes?

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What happens when a computer freezes?

We've all experienced it. We're happily using our computer one moment, the next moment everything on the screen stops moving. You shake the mouse and jab its buttons. You run your finger along the keyboard like a pianist playing a glissando. But your program refuses to respond.